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Amon Amarth Merchandise Store is the OFFICIAL Merchandise Store for Amon Amarth fans.

We have unique designs that will bring new Amon Amarth Stuff & Merch to you !

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Introduction About Us

Step into the realm of Amon Amarth at, a sanctuary dedicated to everything Viking metal. More than just a merchandise store, we are passionate devotees of Amon Amarth, committed to curating an official collection that not only showcases their raw power but also immerses fans in the rich tapestry of Norse mythology that defines this legendary band.

Embark on a Viking Saga

Amon Amarth is not merely a musical ensemble; it’s a transcendent journey through the hallowed Norse sagas and unparalleled metal mastery. Here at, we pay homage to this odyssey with a meticulously chosen collection that echoes the band’s indomitable Viking spirit. From evocative album art to symbolic motifs, our merchandise becomes a living testament to the epic narratives interwoven into the very fabric of Amon Amarth’s music.

Wear the Mark of the Viking:

Our merchandise transcends conventional apparel; it becomes a symbol of your profound connection to the expansive Viking metal realm. takes pride in presenting high-quality products adorned with bold, authentic designs that encapsulate the very essence of Amon Amarth’s musical and thematic prowess. Each item stands as a testament to the band’s unwavering commitment to the grandeur of Viking metal.

Global Horde of Viking Warriors:

Regardless of your geographical location, unites you with a global horde of like-minded Viking metal enthusiasts. With our steadfast commitment to reliable international shipping, fans from every corner of the world can readily access our exclusive Amon Amarth-inspired gear. Join us in a collective celebration of the potent force that is Viking metal – seize the opportunity to shop now and release the spirit of the Norse with!

Our Mission is dedicated to a global community of Viking metal enthusiasts, spanning seasoned fans captivated by the thunderous melodies of Amon Amarth to newcomers drawn to the genre’s grandeur. Our target audience embraces those who share a passion for both the raw power of the band and the profound themes of Norse mythology embedded in their music. Geographical boundaries dissolve as we welcome enthusiasts from every corner of the world, offering an exclusive collection of high-quality merchandise that resonates with the commanding presence and cultural richness of Viking metal. is not just a store; it’s a haven where fans unite, celebrating the grandeur and power of Viking metal on a global scale